"Lightning is the first Handcycle worthy of being called a racing cycle. Light, Stiff, Responsive and extremely comfortable, it is also fast and stable, retaining maneuverability. Helmets off the Lightning. It will satisfy both the serious competitor and the serious tourist."

Dr. David Cornelson AXA World Ride 95 World Champion

Only half the weight of most of our competition. No more lower back pain. This Orthopedically engineered beauty is built by world renowned former Rocket Scientist, Tim Brummer. Tim Brummer's list of accomplishments include draftsman for components of the B-1 Bomber, Composites Engineer and Senior Engineer for Hughes Helicopters, Launch Operations Engineer and Senior Engineer for Martin Marietta, Vandenberg Air Force Base. It is assured that what you get is comfort, stealth, and low to the ground maneuverability. Lightning takes handcycling out of the dark ages or somebody's garage to NASA-Like Engineering at 26lbs deliverable to you. Each bike will be custom fitted to your body measurement, just as racing wheelchairs are, to assure a perfect fit. Our new Slide Mount Adjustable Lean Steering adds never before know versatility to Handcycle control.

Dr. Jon D. Franks( shown left), in the world's only fully-faired Handcycle, which set the world land records for arm powered in 1992/28.62 MPH, and 1993/31.31 MPH, at the International Human Powered Vehicle Association Speed Championships. The fairing design also received critical acclaim, and was voted best and most aesthetic by all the racers. The Fairing designed and built by Richard Jarel and Don will soon be available at an unbelievably low price, so that you too can slide through the wind, dodging mother nature's most formidable foe.

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